Workflow for XGC-User

Except for repo admins, the XGC-User repository is read-only. It contains only one branch called “master”. In order to work with the XGC code, users of XGC-User need to clone the repository to obtain a local working copy:

git clone https://[username]

The code can then be compiled in the local working copy and used for simulations. The repo administrators will update the XGC-User repo from the XGC-Devel repository on a regular basis. If users encounter any bugs, they are encouraged to open a new issue on the GitHub Issue Tracker (see Fig. 2).


GitHub Issue Tracker for reporting bugs. Each of the three XGC repositories has its own issue tracker.

Attention Developers: When you commit code that addresses an issue raised in the issue tracker of any XGC repository, please reference this issue in your commit message in the following form:

[repo owner]/[repo name]#[issue ID]

Here, [repo owner] is either PrincetonUniversity if the issue was raised in the parent repos XGC-Devel, XGC-User or XGC-Full-f, or the GitHub username of the fork owner if the issue was raised in a fork of XGC-Devel or XGC-Full-f. [repo name] is one of XGC-Devel, XGC-User and XGC-Full-f.