XGC Inputs

Common errors

An outdated input file could give one of the following errors.

FIO-F-239/namelist read/internal file/entity name is not member of group.
 In source file XGC-Devel/XGC_core/setup.F90, at line number 1938
namelist read/internal file/end of file reached without finding group:
forrtl: severe (19): invalid reference to variable in NAMELIST input, unit -5, file Internal Formatted NML Read, line -1, position 22

There is a Python script available to check if your input file is outdated. For example, for XGC1, from the XGC-Devel/utils directory:

module load gcc
python check_inputs.py xgc1 ~/input

If your input file needs to be updated, then the script will provide instructions via standard output.

Equivalently, for XGCa:

module load gcc
python check_inputs.py xgca ~/input