If you are new to XGC or new to a platform, the quickstart directory contains examples that will help you get set up quickly.


From the base directory of the XGC-Devel repo, run the following script (replacing perlmutter with whatever platform you are using):

sh quickstart.sh perlmutter

This script will: - Load the modules and environment variables required for compilation - Configure and build xgca-cpp - Create a project directory, project_dir, containing everything needed to run a basic example.

From there, you can run the basic example: - Copy project_dir into your preferred location - Enter the directory and submit jobscript.sh. The last line of the jobscript is a commented-out instruction for how to submit it.

You can also view these instructions individually, in the directories cmake_configs, job_scripts, and modules_and_env. They should provide a good starting point, and you can then tailor for your use case and preferences.