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module.F90 File Reference
#include <petscversion.h>
#include <petsc/finclude/petsc.h>
#include "assert_mod.F90"
#include "comm_mod.F90"
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Data Types

module  multispecies
module  sml_module
module  rem_module
 remainining time estimation module More...
module  eq_module
 Plasma EQuilibrium module (prefix EQ) (1) Magnetic equilibrium information (from eqd file usually) (2) Density and temperature (+flow) profiles (from .prf file) More...
type  eq_module::lin_interp
type  eq_module::eq_ftn_type
module  ptl_module
type  ptl_module::ptl_type_aosoa
type  ptl_module::ptl_type
type  ptl_module::species_type
interface  ptl_module::sind
interface  ptl_module::aind
module  fld_module
type  fld_module::fld_type
module  itp_module
module  wall_cross
 This module provides the capability to search where a trajectory (straight line between 2 points) crosses a polygon (i.e. the wall curve of the solver mesh). The data structure wall_cross_check_type provides an object that contains all information needed for the search beyond the test trajectory: Coordinates of the wall vertices, and a guess table to accelerate the search based on a 2D uniform, rectangular guess grid. The routine wall_cross2 finds the segment of the polygon that intersects with the input trajectory. More...
type  wall_cross::wall_cross_check_type
module  diag_module
type  diag_module::poin_type
 Data structure for Poincare diagnostic. More...
module  col_module
type  col_module::col_3_type
type  col_module::col_3_core_type
module  bnc_module
module  perf_monitor
module  omp_module
module  mat_class
type  mat_class::mat_type
module  boundary_class
type  boundary_class::range_type
type  boundary_class::boundary2_type
module  smooth_module
type  smooth_module::smooth_type
type  smooth_module::smooth_r_type
type  smooth_module::smooth_nearx_type
module  src_module
module  rad_module
module  ecuyer_random
module  random_xgc
type  random_xgc::seeds_type
module  neu_module
 Module containing the global data and variables for the neutral particle recycling model. More...
module  input_module
module  cpp_input_module
 This module contains input parameters that are only used in C++ code. More...


#define DIR_INQ   FILE


integer function simd_sind4 (i)
integer function simd_sind8 (i)
integer function simd_aind4 (i)
integer function simd_aind8 (i)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DIR_INQ   FILE

Function/Subroutine Documentation

integer function simd_aind4 ( integer, intent(in)  i)
integer function simd_aind8 ( integer(8), intent(in)  i)
integer function simd_sind4 ( integer, intent(in)  i)
integer function simd_sind8 ( integer(8), intent(in)  i)