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1 #ifndef MAIN_LOOP_HPP
2 #define MAIN_LOOP_HPP
5 #include "plasma.hpp"
6 #include "DM_wrapper.hpp"
7 #include "diagnostics.hpp"
8 #include "load_balance.hpp"
9 #include "sources.hpp"
10 #include "checkpoint_files.hpp"
12 void main_loop(int istep,
15  Plasma& plasma,
16  Neutrals<DeviceType>& neutrals,
17  LoadBalance& load_balance,
19  const Grid<DeviceType>& grid,
20  Sheath<DeviceType>& sheath,
21  ElectricField<DeviceType>& electric_field,
22  PerturbedBField<DeviceType>& perturbed_B_field,
23  Sources& sources,
24  Diagnostics& diagnostics,
25  Charges& charges,
26  VelocityGrid& vgrid,
27  DMWrapper& pseudo_inv_dm,
28  CheckpointFiles& checkpoint_files);
30 #endif
Definition: sources.hpp:16
Definition: charge.hpp:80
Definition: perturbed_B_field.hpp:11
Definition: velocity_grid.hpp:8
Definition: diagnostics.hpp:13
Definition: sml.hpp:8
subroutine plasma(grid, itr, p, dene_out, deni_out, Te_out, Ti_out, Vparai_out)
Calculate the plasma density, temperature, and parallel velocity for a point in triangle itr using pl...
Definition: neutral_totalf.F90:1238
Definition: DM_wrapper.hpp:38
Definition: magnetic_field.hpp:12
Definition: electric_field.hpp:37
void main_loop(int istep, Simulation< DeviceType > &sml, const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, Plasma &plasma, Neutrals< DeviceType > &neutrals, LoadBalance &load_balance, DomainDecomposition< DeviceType > &pol_decomp, const Grid< DeviceType > &grid, Sheath< DeviceType > &sheath, ElectricField< DeviceType > &electric_field, PerturbedBField< DeviceType > &perturbed_B_field, Sources &sources, Diagnostics &diagnostics, Charges &charges, VelocityGrid &vgrid, DMWrapper &pseudo_inv_dm, CheckpointFiles &checkpoint_files)
Definition: main_loop.cpp:43
Definition: neutrals.hpp:6
Definition: magnetic_field.F90:1
Definition: plasma.hpp:14
Definition: checkpoint_files.hpp:21
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Definition: load_balance.hpp:216