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1 #ifndef GETF0_HPP
2 #define GETF0_HPP
4 #include "globals.hpp"
5 #include "magnetic_field.hpp"
6 #include "grid.hpp"
7 #include "particles.hpp"
8 #include "species.hpp"
10 #include "electric_field.hpp"
11 #include "lagrange_weights.hpp"
13 // Get vector of f0 contributions from the analytic and grid portions of f0 grid
14 template<class Device, PhiInterpType PIT>
15 KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION void get_f0_ptl(const SimdParticles& part, const Grid<Device>& grid, const Species<Device>& species, const MagneticField<Device>& magnetic_field, const GridFieldPack<Device, PIT>& gfpack, const VelocityGrid& vgrid, const DomainDecomposition<Device>& pol_decomp, SimdGridWeights<Order::One, PIT_GLOBAL>& grid_wts, bool use_dpot, double dpot_te_limit, bool use_grid_contribution, Simd<double> & f0_ptl);
17 #include "getf0.tpp"
19 #endif
Definition: velocity_grid.hpp:8
Definition: grid_weights.hpp:47
Definition: magnetic_field.hpp:12
Definition: grid.hpp:55
Definition: grid_field_pack.hpp:19
KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION void get_f0_ptl(const SimdParticles &part, const Grid< Device > &grid, const Species< Device > &species, const MagneticField< Device > &magnetic_field, const GridFieldPack< Device, PIT > &gfpack, const VelocityGrid &vgrid, const DomainDecomposition< Device > &pol_decomp, SimdGridWeights< Order::One, PIT_GLOBAL > &grid_wts, bool use_dpot, double dpot_te_limit, bool use_grid_contribution, Simd< double > &f0_ptl)
Definition: getf0.tpp:196
Definition: particles.hpp:58
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Definition: species.hpp:75