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em_push_physics.tpp File Reference
#include "globals.hpp"
#include "push_controls.hpp"
#include "magnetic_field.hpp"
#include "grid.hpp"
#include "particles.hpp"
#include "species.hpp"
#include "perturbed_B_field.hpp"
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template<class Device >
KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION void derivs_elec (const PushControls &push_controls, const Species< Device > &species, const SimdParticles &part, const Simd< double > &inv_r_vec, const SimdVector &bfield, const Simd< double > &B_mag, const SimdVector(&jacb)[3], const Simd< double > &psi, const SimdVector2D &gradpsi, const SimdVector &tdb, const SimdVector &efield, SimdPhase &yprime, Simd< double > *vf_diag)

Function Documentation

template<class Device >
KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION void derivs_elec ( const PushControls push_controls,
const Species< Device > &  species,
const SimdParticles part,
const Simd< double > &  inv_r_vec,
const SimdVector bfield,
const Simd< double > &  B_mag,
const SimdVector(&)  jacb[3],
const Simd< double > &  psi,
const SimdVector2D gradpsi,
const SimdVector tdb,
const SimdVector efield,
SimdPhase yprime,
Simd< double > *  vf_diag 

Get the phase derivatives of a vector of particles

[in]partVector of particles
[in]inv_r_vecVector of 1/r (1/r_axis in cylindrical limit)
[in]bfieldVector of magnetic fields
[in]B_magVector of bfield magnitudes
[in]jacbVector of jacobians
[in]psiVector of psi coordinates
[in]gradpsiVector of psi gradients (r,z)
[in]tdbVector of perturbed magnetic field
[in]efieldVector of electric fields
[in]efield00Vector of 00 electric fields for DELTAF_CONV
[in]ddpotdtVector of dPotential/dt for DELTAF_CONV
[in]f0denVector of f0 density for DELTAF_CONV
[in]f0ddenVector of d[f0 density]/dpsi for DELTAF_CONV
[in]f0tevVector of f0 temperature in eV for DELTAF_CONV
[in]f0dtevVector of d[f0 tempearture]/dpsi for DELTAF_CONV
[in]dAh,Ah,dAs,As: Vector of vector potentials for EXPLICIT_EM. Minus sign included in dAh and dAs
[out]yprimeVector of derivatives of the particle phases
[out]vf_diagOptional vector of quantities for diagnostic

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