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rad_module Module Reference

Public Attributes

character(len=80) rad_filename = 'mist_adas_xgc1.dat'
real(8) rad_inpsi = 0D0
 Inner boundary for impurity radiation. More...
real(8) rad_outpsi = 1.05
 Outer boundary for impurity radiation. More...
integer rad_nt = 0
integer rad_nn0ne = 0
real(8), dimension(:), allocatable rad_te_ev
real(8), dimension(:), allocatable rad_n0_ne
real(8), dimension(:,:),
real(8), dimension(:,:),
real(8), dimension(:,:),
real(8) rad_impurity_fraction = 0.1D0
logical rad_use_zeff_profile = .false.
logical rad_use_fix_charge = .true.
real(8) rad_z = 6D0

Member Data Documentation

real (8), dimension(:,:), allocatable rad_module::rad_avgz
real (8), dimension(:,:), allocatable rad_module::rad_avgz2
character (len=80) rad_module::rad_filename = 'mist_adas_xgc1.dat'
real (8) rad_module::rad_impurity_fraction = 0.1D0
real (8) rad_module::rad_inpsi = 0D0

Inner boundary for impurity radiation.

real (8), dimension(:,:), allocatable rad_module::rad_lz
real (8), dimension(:), allocatable rad_module::rad_n0_ne
integer rad_module::rad_nn0ne = 0
integer rad_module::rad_nt = 0
real (8) rad_module::rad_outpsi = 1.05

Outer boundary for impurity radiation.

real (8), dimension(:), allocatable rad_module::rad_te_ev
logical rad_module::rad_use_fix_charge = .true.
logical rad_module::rad_use_zeff_profile = .false.
real (8) rad_module::rad_z = 6D0

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