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bounce.tpp File Reference
#include "globals.hpp"
#include "sml.hpp"
#include "magnetic_field.hpp"
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template<class Device >
KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION void bounce (const Simulation< Device > &sml, const MagneticField< Device > &magnetic_field, SimdParticles &part, const SimdPhase &ph_old)

Function Documentation

template<class Device >
KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION void bounce ( const Simulation< Device > &  sml,
const MagneticField< Device > &  magnetic_field,
SimdParticles part,
const SimdPhase ph_old 

Bounce particle away from wall. (Simple approach to particles that leave the domain.) Particle gets its old location, except the z coordinate is made negative. So not so much a true bounce as making the particle reappear on the other side. Also there's an option for setting the particle's W1 weight to 0.

[in,out]partThe particle
[in]ph_oldThe most recent phase prior to leaving the domain

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