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PseudoInversePetscObjects Struct Reference

#include <pseudo_inverse.hpp>

Public Attributes

DM swarm
 PETSc particle swarm object. More...
Vec rho
 PETSc helper vector. More...
Vec rhs
 PETSc right-hand side vector. More...
Mat M_p
 PETSc projection matrix. More...

Member Data Documentation

Mat PseudoInversePetscObjects::M_p

PETSc projection matrix.

Vec PseudoInversePetscObjects::rho

PETSc helper vector.

Vec PseudoInversePetscObjects::rhs

PETSc right-hand side vector.

DM PseudoInversePetscObjects::swarm

PETSc particle swarm object.

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