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space_settings.hpp File Reference
#include <Kokkos_Core.hpp>
#include <vector>
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using MemSpace = Kokkos::CudaSpace
using ExSpace = Kokkos::Cuda
using DeviceType = Kokkos::Device< ExSpace, MemSpace >
using HostMemSpace = Kokkos::HostSpace
using HostExSpace = Kokkos::OpenMP
using HostType = Kokkos::Device< HostExSpace, HostMemSpace >


static constexpr const
Async = Kokkos::Experimental::WorkItemProperty::HintLightWeight

Typedef Documentation

using DeviceType = Kokkos::Device<ExSpace,MemSpace>
using ExSpace = Kokkos::Cuda
using HostExSpace = Kokkos::OpenMP
using HostMemSpace = Kokkos::HostSpace
using HostType = Kokkos::Device<HostExSpace,HostMemSpace>
using MemSpace = Kokkos::CudaSpace

Variable Documentation

constexpr const Kokkos::Experimental::WorkItemProperty::HintLightWeight_t Async = Kokkos::Experimental::WorkItemProperty::HintLightWeight