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CollisionSpecies< Device > Member List

This is the complete list of members for CollisionSpecies< Device >, including all inherited members.

CollisionSpecies()CollisionSpecies< Device >inline
CollisionSpecies(const VGridDistribution< HostType > &f_in, std::vector< Species< Device >> &all_species, int mb_n_nodes)CollisionSpecies< Device >inline
fCollisionSpecies< Device >
lambda_gamma_pair(double dt, Kokkos::View< double ***, Device > &gammac)CollisionSpecies< Device >inline
n() const CollisionSpecies< Device >inline
pdf_nCollisionSpecies< Device >
pdf_np1CollisionSpecies< Device >
sCollisionSpecies< Device >
setup_all(const std::vector< Species< Device >> &all_species, const Moments &moments, Kokkos::View< int **, HostType > &mesh_nodes, int mesh_batch_ind)CollisionSpecies< Device >inline
setup_one(int isp, int mesh_ind, const Species< Device > &species, const Moments &moments, int local_node_ind)CollisionSpecies< Device >inline