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gyro_radius.hpp File Reference
#include "globals.hpp"
#include "basic_physics.hpp"
#include "magnetic_field.hpp"
#include "grid.hpp"
#include "species.hpp"
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struct  SimdGyroWeights< PT >
struct  SimdGyroWeights< GyroKin >
struct  SimdGyroWeights< DriftKin >


template<class Device >
KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION double gyro_radius (const MagneticField< Device > &magnetic_field, double r, double z, double mu, double c2_2m)

Function Documentation

template<class Device >
KOKKOS_INLINE_FUNCTION double gyro_radius ( const MagneticField< Device > &  magnetic_field,
double  r,
double  z,
double  mu,
double  c2_2m 

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