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1 #include <Kokkos_Random.hpp>
2 #include "globals.hpp"
3 #include "sml.hpp"
4 #include "magnetic_field.hpp"
5 #include "grid.hpp"
7 /* Get volume arrays */
8 double get_volume(const Grid<DeviceType> &grid, const MagneticField<DeviceType> &magnetic_field, int n_monte_carlo, bool calculate_node_vol_nearest);
10 /* Get some other volume arrays */
11 void get_node_volume(const Grid<DeviceType> &grid, const MagneticField<DeviceType> &magnetic_field, const View<int*,CLayout,DeviceType>& num_t_node, const View<int**,CLayout,DeviceType>& tr_node, bool node_vol_monte, int n_monte_carlo,
12  VolumesAndAreas& volumes_and_areas);
void get_node_volume(const Grid< DeviceType > &grid, const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, const View< int *, CLayout, DeviceType > &num_t_node, const View< int **, CLayout, DeviceType > &tr_node, bool node_vol_monte, int n_monte_carlo, VolumesAndAreas &volumes_and_areas)
Definition: get_volume.cpp:463
Definition: magnetic_field.hpp:12
Definition: grid.hpp:21
Definition: magnetic_field.F90:1
subroutine get_volume(grid, psn, spall)
Definition: load.F90:806