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gen_perm.F90 File Reference


subroutine gen_perm (ilo, ihi, jlo, jhi, guess_min, inv_guess_d, n, gid, x, y, iperm)

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine gen_perm ( integer, intent(in)  ilo,
integer, intent(in)  ihi,
integer, intent(in)  jlo,
integer, intent(in)  jhi,
real(8), dimension(2), intent(in)  guess_min,
real(8), dimension(2), intent(in)  inv_guess_d,
integer, intent(in)  n,
integer*8, dimension(n), intent(in)  gid,
real(8), dimension(n), intent(in)  x,
real(8), dimension(n), intent(in)  y,
integer, dimension(n), intent(inout)  iperm 

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