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MonteCarloCollider< Device > Member List

This is the complete list of members for MonteCarloCollider< Device >, including all inherited members.

accelMonteCarloCollider< Device >private
accel_factor1MonteCarloCollider< Device >private
accel_factor2MonteCarloCollider< Device >private
accel_nMonteCarloCollider< Device >private
accel_pin1MonteCarloCollider< Device >private
accel_pin2MonteCarloCollider< Device >private
accel_pout1MonteCarloCollider< Device >private
accel_pout2MonteCarloCollider< Device >private
background_sp_profile(const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, double theta, double r, double z, double psi, const Species< DeviceType > &species, double &den, double &temp, double &up) const MonteCarloCollider< Device >inlineprivate
collision_c(const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, const Species< DeviceType > &species, const Species< DeviceType > &species_b, const pool_type &rand_pool, const double dt, const bool do_pitch_angle_scattering, const double ekmin, const int idx) const MonteCarloCollider< Device >inline
do_snapshot(int istep) const MonteCarloCollider< Device >inline
en_col_onMonteCarloCollider< Device >private
find_freq(double en_a, double vprt, double mass, double charge, double dn_b, double en_b_ev, double mass_b, double charge_b, double accel, double &freq_scat, double &freq_slow, double &freq_fac0) const MonteCarloCollider< Device >inlineprivate
get_accel_factor(double psi) const MonteCarloCollider< Device >inlineprivate
MonteCarloCollider()MonteCarloCollider< Device >inline
MonteCarloCollider(NLReader::NamelistReader &nlr, const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, int n_nonadiabatic_species)MonteCarloCollider< Device >inline
moving_frameMonteCarloCollider< Device >private
periodMonteCarloCollider< Device >
pinMonteCarloCollider< Device >private
poutMonteCarloCollider< Device >private
scatter_one(RandGen &rand_gen, double vprt, double massa_au, double chargea_eu, double denb, double tempb_ev, double massb_au, double chargeb_eu, double accel, double dt, double ekmin, bool do_pitch_angle_scattering, double &ekin, double &pitch) const MonteCarloCollider< Device >inlineprivate
update_vb(const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, Species< DeviceType > &species)MonteCarloCollider< Device >inline
update_vb_all_species(const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, Plasma &plasma)MonteCarloCollider< Device >inline
use_varying_bgMonteCarloCollider< Device >private
vbMonteCarloCollider< Device >private