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Eq::CustomLinShape< Device > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Eq::CustomLinShape< Device >, including all inherited members.

CustomLinShape(double psi_normalization, const std::string &filename)Eq::CustomLinShape< Device >inline
CustomLinShape(const View< double *, CLayout, HostType > &psi, const View< double *, CLayout, HostType > &var)Eq::CustomLinShape< Device >inline
CustomLinShape(double p_min_in, double p_max_in)Eq::CustomLinShape< Device >inline
CustomLinShape()Eq::CustomLinShape< Device >inline
dinterp(double x) const Eq::CustomLinShape< Device >inline
interp(double x) const Eq::CustomLinShape< Device >inline
nEq::CustomLinShape< Device >privatestatic
p_delEq::CustomLinShape< Device >private
p_maxEq::CustomLinShape< Device >private
p_minEq::CustomLinShape< Device >private
vEq::CustomLinShape< Device >private