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mat_class::mat_type Type Reference

Public Attributes

integer m

of rows (size of each column)

integer n

of columns (size of each row)

integer width
 max of non-zero element of each row More...
real(8), dimension(:,:),
 matrix value More...
integer, dimension(:,:),
 column index More...
integer, dimension(:), allocatable nelement

of non-zero element of each row

logical is_csr
integer nnz
integer, dimension(:), allocatable csr_ridx
 row index for CSR - m+1 More...
real(8), dimension(:), allocatable csr_v
 value of CSR - nnz More...
integer, dimension(:), allocatable csr_cidx
 columun index - nnz More...

Member Data Documentation

integer, dimension(:), allocatable mat_class::mat_type::csr_cidx

columun index - nnz

integer, dimension(:), allocatable mat_class::mat_type::csr_ridx

row index for CSR - m+1

real (8), dimension(:), allocatable mat_class::mat_type::csr_v

value of CSR - nnz

integer, dimension(:,:), allocatable mat_class::mat_type::eindex

column index

logical mat_class::mat_type::is_csr
integer mat_class::mat_type::m

of rows (size of each column)

integer mat_class::mat_type::n

of columns (size of each row)

integer, dimension(:), allocatable mat_class::mat_type::nelement

of non-zero element of each row

integer mat_class::mat_type::nnz
real (8), dimension(:,:), allocatable mat_class::mat_type::value

matrix value

integer mat_class::mat_type::width

max of non-zero element of each row

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