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fld_module::fld_type Type Reference

Public Attributes

real(8) i
real(8) epot
real(8) r
real(8) z
real(8) phi
real(8) br
real(8) bz
real(8) bphi
 B_r, B_z, B_phi. More...
real(8) dbrdr
real(8) dbrdz
real(8) dbrdp
real(8) dbzdr
real(8) dbzdz
real(8) dbzdp
real(8) dbpdr
real(8) dbpdz
real(8) dbpdp
real(8) er
real(8) ez
real(8) ephi
real(8) er00
real(8) ez00
real(8) dpsidr
real(8) dpsidz
real(8) tdbr
real(8) tdbz
real(8) tdbphi
 perturbed field delta_B_r, delta_B_z, delta_B_phi More...
real(8) ddpotdt
real(8) didpsi
real(8) psi

Member Data Documentation

real (8) fld_module::fld_type::bphi

B_r, B_z, B_phi.

real (8) fld_module::fld_type::br
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::bz
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbpdp
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbpdr
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbpdz
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbrdp
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbrdr
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbrdz
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbzdp
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbzdr
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dbzdz
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::ddpotdt
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::didpsi
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dpsidr
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::dpsidz
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::ephi
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::epot
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::er
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::er00
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::ez
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::ez00
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::i
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::phi
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::psi
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::r
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::tdbphi

perturbed field delta_B_r, delta_B_z, delta_B_phi

real (8) fld_module::fld_type::tdbr
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::tdbz
real (8) fld_module::fld_type::z

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