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adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type Type Reference

Public Attributes

type(adios2_engine) engine
 adios engine instance More...
type(adios2_io) io
 adios io instance More...
character(len=256) ioname
 adios io name More...
character(len=256) filename_prefix
 file prefix More...
integer output_period = -1
 output period More...
logical is_stage = .FALSE.
 enable/disable stage write More...
integer stage_step_max = 0
 number of max steps per stage file More...
integer stage_index = 0
 current stage index More...
character(len=256) filename
 current filename More...
integer adios2_mode = -1
 adios mode (write or append) More...
integer comm = -1
 MPI comm to use. More...
logical is_open = .FALSE.
 open status More...
logical is_verbose = .FALSE.
 verbose output More...

Member Data Documentation

integer adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::adios2_mode = -1

adios mode (write or append)

integer adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::comm = -1

MPI comm to use.

type(adios2_engine) adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::engine

adios engine instance

character (len=256) adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::filename

current filename

character (len=256) adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::filename_prefix

file prefix

type(adios2_io) adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::io

adios io instance

character (len=256) adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::ioname

adios io name

logical adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::is_open = .FALSE.

open status

logical adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::is_stage = .FALSE.

enable/disable stage write

logical adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::is_verbose = .FALSE.

verbose output

integer adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::output_period = -1

output period

integer adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::stage_index = 0

current stage index

integer adios2_comm_module::xgcio_type::stage_step_max = 0

number of max steps per stage file

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