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constants.hpp File Reference
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constexpr double UNIT_CHARGE = 1.6022e-19
 Charge of an electron (C) More...
constexpr double EV_2_J =UNIT_CHARGE
 Conversion rate ev to J. More...
constexpr double J_2_EV =1.0/EV_2_J
 Conversion rate J to ev. More...
constexpr double PROTON_MASS = 1.6720e-27
constexpr double PI = 3.1415926535897932
constexpr double TWOPI = 6.2831853071795862
constexpr double GB_TO_BYTES = (1024.0*1024.0*1024.0)
constexpr double BYTES_TO_GB = 1.0/GB_TO_BYTES

Variable Documentation

constexpr double BYTES_TO_GB = 1.0/GB_TO_BYTES
constexpr double EV_2_J =UNIT_CHARGE

Conversion rate ev to J.

constexpr double GB_TO_BYTES = (1024.0*1024.0*1024.0)
constexpr double J_2_EV =1.0/EV_2_J

Conversion rate J to ev.

constexpr double PI = 3.1415926535897932
constexpr double PROTON_MASS = 1.6720e-27
constexpr double TWOPI = 6.2831853071795862
constexpr double UNIT_CHARGE = 1.6022e-19

Charge of an electron (C)