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col_grid.tpp File Reference
#include <Kokkos_Atomic.hpp>
#include "elliptics.hpp"
#include <iostream>
#include <chrono>
#include "timer_macro.hpp"
#include "nan_check.hpp"
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void set_symmetric_node_loop (int *node_start, int *node_stride)
void negative_f_correction (double *pdf_np1, double *mesh_z, double *mesh_r, double *vol_h, int col_f_nvz, int col_f_nvr, double mass, double dens, double mom, double numeric_t)

Function Documentation

void negative_f_correction ( double *  pdf_np1,
double *  mesh_z,
double *  mesh_r,
double *  vol_h,
int  col_f_nvz,
int  col_f_nvr,
double  mass,
double  dens,
double  mom,
double  numeric_t 

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void set_symmetric_node_loop ( int *  node_start,
int *  node_stride 

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