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src_module Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine src_setup

Public Attributes

integer, parameter src_nmax =4
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_narea
integer src_niter
real(8), dimension(src_nmax,
real(8), dimension(src_nmax,
real(8), dimension(src_nmax,
real(8), dimension(src_nmax,
real(8), dimension(src_nmax,
real(8), dimension(src_nmax,
real(8), dimension(src_nmax,
integer, dimension(src_nmax,
integer, dimension(src_nmax,
integer src_period
integer src_nsubsection
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_pin1
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_pout1
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_decay_width1
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_heat_power1
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_torque1
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_z_begin1
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_r_begin1
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_pin2
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_pout2
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_decay_width2
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_heat_power2
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_torque2
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_z_begin2
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_r_begin2
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_pin3
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_pout3
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_decay_width3
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_heat_power3
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_torque3
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_z_begin3
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_r_begin3
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_pin4
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_pout4
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_decay_width4
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_heat_power4
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_torque4
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_z_begin4
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_r_begin4
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_special_mode1 =0
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_ishape1 =1
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_special_mode2 =0
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_ishape2 =1
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_special_mode3 =0
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_ishape3 =1
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_special_mode4 =0
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_ishape4 =1
integer src_narea_e
real(8) src_pin1_e
real(8) src_pout1_e
real(8) src_decay_width1_e
real(8) src_heat_power1_e
real(8) src_torque1_e
real(8) src_z_begin1_e
real(8) src_r_begin1_e
real(8) src_pin2_e
real(8) src_pout2_e
real(8) src_decay_width2_e
real(8) src_heat_power2_e
real(8) src_torque2_e
real(8) src_z_begin2_e
real(8) src_r_begin2_e
real(8) src_pin3_e
real(8) src_pout3_e
real(8) src_decay_width3_e
real(8) src_heat_power3_e
real(8) src_torque3_e
real(8) src_z_begin3_e
real(8) src_r_begin3_e
real(8) src_pin4_e
real(8) src_pout4_e
real(8) src_decay_width4_e
real(8) src_heat_power4_e
real(8) src_torque4_e
real(8) src_z_begin4_e
real(8) src_r_begin4_e
integer src_special_mode1_e =0
integer src_ishape1_e =1
integer src_special_mode2_e =0
integer src_ishape2_e =1
integer src_special_mode3_e =0
integer src_ishape3_e =1
integer src_special_mode4_e =0
integer src_ishape4_e =1
logical src_pellet_on = .false.
 On/off switch for pellet ablation. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_r = 1.0D0
 Position of the pellet, R-coordinate in m. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_z = 0.0D0
 Position of the pellet, Z-coordinate in m. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_cloud_a = 1.0D-1
 Semi-major axis of the neutral gas cloud around the pellet in m. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_cloud_b = 1.0D-1
 Semi-minor axis of the neutral gas cloud around the pellet in m. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_cloud_angle = 0D0
 Angle of the semi-major axis wrt the horizontal plane. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_rad = 1.0D-3
 Radius of the pellet in m. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_etemp = 5.0D0
 Electron temperature of the pellet cloud in eV. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_itemp = 5.0D0
 Ion temperature of the pellet cloud in eV. More...
integer src_pellet_start_time = 1
 Start time step of the pellet ablation. More...
integer src_pellet_stop_time = -1
 End time step of the pellet ablation; if <0, no stop time. More...
real(kind=8) src_pellet_n_atoms = 1.0D21
 Total number of atoms in the pellet; ablation stops after the pellet is spent. More...
integer src_pellet_ion_species = MAIN_ION_TYPE
 Index of the ion species in the pellet; default is a main ion pellet. More...

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine src_module::src_setup ( )

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Member Data Documentation

real (8), dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_decay_width
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_decay_width1
real (8) src_module::src_decay_width1_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_decay_width2
real (8) src_module::src_decay_width2_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_decay_width3
real (8) src_module::src_decay_width3_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_decay_width4
real (8) src_module::src_decay_width4_e
real (8), dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_heat_power
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_heat_power1
real (8) src_module::src_heat_power1_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_heat_power2
real (8) src_module::src_heat_power2_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_heat_power3
real (8) src_module::src_heat_power3_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_heat_power4
real (8) src_module::src_heat_power4_e
integer, dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_ishape
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_ishape1 =1
integer src_module::src_ishape1_e =1
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_ishape2 =1
integer src_module::src_ishape2_e =1
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_ishape3 =1
integer src_module::src_ishape3_e =1
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_ishape4 =1
integer src_module::src_ishape4_e =1
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_narea
integer src_module::src_narea_e
integer src_module::src_niter
integer, parameter src_module::src_nmax =4
integer src_module::src_nsubsection
real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_cloud_a = 1.0D-1

Semi-major axis of the neutral gas cloud around the pellet in m.

real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_cloud_angle = 0D0

Angle of the semi-major axis wrt the horizontal plane.

real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_cloud_b = 1.0D-1

Semi-minor axis of the neutral gas cloud around the pellet in m.

real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_etemp = 5.0D0

Electron temperature of the pellet cloud in eV.

integer src_module::src_pellet_ion_species = MAIN_ION_TYPE

Index of the ion species in the pellet; default is a main ion pellet.

real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_itemp = 5.0D0

Ion temperature of the pellet cloud in eV.

real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_n_atoms = 1.0D21

Total number of atoms in the pellet; ablation stops after the pellet is spent.

logical src_module::src_pellet_on = .false.

On/off switch for pellet ablation.

real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_r = 1.0D0

Position of the pellet, R-coordinate in m.

real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_rad = 1.0D-3

Radius of the pellet in m.

integer src_module::src_pellet_start_time = 1

Start time step of the pellet ablation.

integer src_module::src_pellet_stop_time = -1

End time step of the pellet ablation; if <0, no stop time.

real (kind=8) src_module::src_pellet_z = 0.0D0

Position of the pellet, Z-coordinate in m.

integer src_module::src_period
real (8), dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pin
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pin1
real (8) src_module::src_pin1_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pin2
real (8) src_module::src_pin2_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pin3
real (8) src_module::src_pin3_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pin4
real (8) src_module::src_pin4_e
real (8), dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pout
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pout1
real (8) src_module::src_pout1_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pout2
real (8) src_module::src_pout2_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pout3
real (8) src_module::src_pout3_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_pout4
real (8) src_module::src_pout4_e
real (8), dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_r_begin
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_r_begin1
real (8) src_module::src_r_begin1_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_r_begin2
real (8) src_module::src_r_begin2_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_r_begin3
real (8) src_module::src_r_begin3_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_r_begin4
real (8) src_module::src_r_begin4_e
integer, dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_special_mode
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_special_mode1 =0
integer src_module::src_special_mode1_e =0
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_special_mode2 =0
integer src_module::src_special_mode2_e =0
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_special_mode3 =0
integer src_module::src_special_mode3_e =0
integer, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_special_mode4 =0
integer src_module::src_special_mode4_e =0
real (8), dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_torque
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_torque1
real (8) src_module::src_torque1_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_torque2
real (8) src_module::src_torque2_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_torque3
real (8) src_module::src_torque3_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_torque4
real (8) src_module::src_torque4_e
real (8), dimension(src_nmax,0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_z_begin
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_z_begin1
real (8) src_module::src_z_begin1_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_z_begin2
real (8) src_module::src_z_begin2_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_z_begin3
real (8) src_module::src_z_begin3_e
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) src_module::src_z_begin4
real (8) src_module::src_z_begin4_e

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