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ptl_module Module Reference
Collaboration diagram for ptl_module:
Collaboration graph

Data Types

interface  aind
type  ptl_type
type  ptl_type_aosoa
interface  sind
type  species_type

Public Member Functions

subroutine transpose_to_aos (ptl_aosoa, n, ptl_aos)
subroutine transpose_from_aos (ptl_aos, n, ptl_aosoa)
subroutine all_species_allocate_tr_p_save ()
subroutine all_species_deallocate_tr_p_save ()

Public Attributes

integer, parameter ptl_nphase =6
integer, parameter ptl_nconst =3
integer, parameter ptl_nphase2 =12
integer ptl_isp
integer ptl_nsp =1
integer, parameter num_shift_ie_opts = 10
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_max_nthreads = 1
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_use_alltoall = 2
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_use_hs_barrier0 = 3
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_large_limit = 4
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_handshake = 5
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_use_hs_barrier1 = 6
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_use_sendrecv = 7
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_all_sendrecv = 8
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_use_isend = 9
integer, parameter index_shift_ie_use_rsend = 10
integer, parameter use_def_shift_ie_opt = -2
integer, parameter true_shift_ie_opt = 1
integer, parameter false_shift_ie_opt = 0
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_mass
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_charge
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_c_m
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_c2_2m
logical, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_deltaf_sp
type(species_type), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max),
integer ptl_enum_save
integer ptl_tracer_n_save
dimension(:), allocatable 
integer ptl_inum_save
real(8) ptl_special_r
 Start R for particle in single particle sim. (sml_special==1) More...
real(8) ptl_special_z
 Start Z for particle in single particle sim. (sml_special==1) More...
real(8) ptl_special_phi
 Start phi for particles in single particle sim. (sml_special==1 and 4) More...
real(8) ptl_special_en_ev
 Energy of particles with sml_special==(1,4) More...
real(8) ptl_special_pitch
 Pitch v_parallel/v of particles with sml_special==(1,4) (at B=B_min with sml_special=4) More...
real(8) ptl_special_poin_phi
 Toroidal angle for Poincare plot (sml_special==4) More...
integer ptl_special_npsi
 Number of flux-surfaces on which to load particles (ptl_special==4) More...
real(8) ptl_special_psi_min
 Min. psi of flux-surface on which to load particles (ptl_special==4) More...
real(8) ptl_special_psi_max
 Max. psi of flux-surface on which to load particles (ptl_special==4) More...
integer ptl_special_n
integer ptl_e_maxnum
integer ptl_e_num
real(8) ptl_e_mass_au
real(8) ptl_e_charge_eu
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_mass_au
real(8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_charge_eu
integer, parameter pir =1
integer, parameter piz =2
integer, parameter pip =3
integer, parameter pirho =4
integer, parameter pim =1
integer, parameter piw1 =5
integer, parameter piw2 =6
integer, parameter piw0 =2
integer, parameter pif0 =3

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine ptl_module::all_species_allocate_tr_p_save ( )
subroutine ptl_module::all_species_deallocate_tr_p_save ( )
subroutine ptl_module::transpose_from_aos ( type(ptl_type), dimension(:), intent(in)  ptl_aos,
integer, intent(in)  n,
type(ptl_type_aosoa), dimension(:), intent(out)  ptl_aosoa 

Here is the call graph for this function:

subroutine ptl_module::transpose_to_aos ( type(ptl_type_aosoa), dimension(:), intent(in)  ptl_aosoa,
integer, intent(in)  n,
type(ptl_type), dimension(:), intent(out)  ptl_aos 

Here is the call graph for this function:

Member Data Documentation

integer, parameter ptl_module::false_shift_ie_opt = 0
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_all_sendrecv = 8
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_handshake = 5
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_large_limit = 4
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_max_nthreads = 1
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_use_alltoall = 2
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_use_hs_barrier0 = 3
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_use_hs_barrier1 = 6
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_use_isend = 9
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_use_rsend = 10
integer, parameter ptl_module::index_shift_ie_use_sendrecv = 7
integer, parameter ptl_module::num_shift_ie_opts = 10
integer, parameter ptl_module::pif0 =3
integer, parameter ptl_module::pim =1
integer, parameter ptl_module::pip =3
integer, parameter ptl_module::pir =1
integer, parameter ptl_module::pirho =4
integer, parameter ptl_module::piw0 =2
integer, parameter ptl_module::piw1 =5
integer, parameter ptl_module::piw2 =6
integer, parameter ptl_module::piz =2
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_module::ptl_c2_2m
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_module::ptl_c_m
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_module::ptl_charge
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_module::ptl_charge_eu
logical, dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_module::ptl_deltaf_sp
real (8) ptl_module::ptl_e_charge_eu
real (8) ptl_module::ptl_e_mass_au
integer ptl_module::ptl_e_maxnum
integer ptl_module::ptl_e_num
integer ptl_module::ptl_enum_save
integer ptl_module::ptl_inum_save
type(ptl_type_aosoa), dimension(:), allocatable ptl_module::ptl_iphase_save
integer ptl_module::ptl_isp
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_module::ptl_mass
real (8), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max) ptl_module::ptl_mass_au
integer, parameter ptl_module::ptl_nconst =3
integer, parameter ptl_module::ptl_nphase =6
integer, parameter ptl_module::ptl_nphase2 =12
integer ptl_module::ptl_nsp =1
real (8) ptl_module::ptl_special_en_ev

Energy of particles with sml_special==(1,4)

integer ptl_module::ptl_special_n
integer ptl_module::ptl_special_npsi

Number of flux-surfaces on which to load particles (ptl_special==4)

real (8) ptl_module::ptl_special_phi

Start phi for particles in single particle sim. (sml_special==1 and 4)

real (8) ptl_module::ptl_special_pitch

Pitch v_parallel/v of particles with sml_special==(1,4) (at B=B_min with sml_special=4)

real (8) ptl_module::ptl_special_poin_phi

Toroidal angle for Poincare plot (sml_special==4)

real (8) ptl_module::ptl_special_psi_max

Max. psi of flux-surface on which to load particles (ptl_special==4)

real (8) ptl_module::ptl_special_psi_min

Min. psi of flux-surface on which to load particles (ptl_special==4)

real (8) ptl_module::ptl_special_r

Start R for particle in single particle sim. (sml_special==1)

real (8) ptl_module::ptl_special_z

Start Z for particle in single particle sim. (sml_special==1)

integer ptl_module::ptl_tracer_n_save
type(species_type), dimension(0:ptl_nsp_max), target ptl_module::spall_global
integer, parameter ptl_module::true_shift_ie_opt = 1
integer, parameter ptl_module::use_def_shift_ie_opt = -2

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