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initial_perturbation Module Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine ip_initialize ()
subroutine ip_eval (dN, R, Z, varphi)
subroutine ip_test ()
subroutine ip_destroy ()

Public Attributes

real(8) dr
real(8) dz
real(8) sigma
real(8) rho0
real(8) dn0
real(8) rmin
real(8) zmin
real(8) pertw
real(8) cos_factor
real(8) sigma_n
real(8) sigma_chi
real(8) bt_sign
real(8) c1
real(8) c2
real(8) r0
real(8) z0
real(8) b0
logical radial_gaussian
logical circular_ad_hoc
real(8), dimension(:), allocatable nys
real(8), dimension(:,:),
real(8), dimension(:,:),
real(8), dimension(:,:),
real(8), dimension(:,:),
integer nr
integer nz
integer nky
integer delta_nky
integer poloidal_envelope
integer nkymax
logical first

Member Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine initial_perturbation::ip_destroy ( )

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subroutine initial_perturbation::ip_eval ( real(8), intent(inout)  dN,
real(8), intent(in)  R,
real(8), intent(in)  Z,
real(8), intent(in)  varphi 

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subroutine initial_perturbation::ip_initialize ( )

Here is the caller graph for this function:

subroutine initial_perturbation::ip_test ( )

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Member Data Documentation

real(8) initial_perturbation::b0
real(8) initial_perturbation::bt_sign
real(8) initial_perturbation::c1
real(8) initial_perturbation::c2
real(8), dimension(:,:), allocatable initial_perturbation::chi_ij
logical initial_perturbation::circular_ad_hoc
real(8) initial_perturbation::cos_factor
integer initial_perturbation::delta_nky
real(8) initial_perturbation::dn0
real(8) initial_perturbation::dr
real(8) initial_perturbation::dz
real(8), dimension(:,:), allocatable initial_perturbation::filter_ij
logical initial_perturbation::first
integer initial_perturbation::nky
integer initial_perturbation::nkymax
integer initial_perturbation::nr
real(8), dimension(:), allocatable initial_perturbation::nys
integer initial_perturbation::nz
real(8) initial_perturbation::pertw
integer initial_perturbation::poloidal_envelope
real(8), dimension(:,:), allocatable initial_perturbation::qs_ij
real(8) initial_perturbation::r0
logical initial_perturbation::radial_gaussian
real(8) initial_perturbation::rho0
real(8), dimension(:,:), allocatable initial_perturbation::rho_ij
real(8) initial_perturbation::rmin
real(8) initial_perturbation::sigma
real(8) initial_perturbation::sigma_chi
real(8) initial_perturbation::sigma_n
real(8) initial_perturbation::z0
real(8) initial_perturbation::zmin

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