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ScatterTemplates< DriftKin > Member List

This is the complete list of members for ScatterTemplates< DriftKin >, including all inherited members.

deltaf_particle_weight_adj(const Species< Device > &species, const MagneticField< Device > &magnetic_field, const Simulation< Device > &sml, int i_simd, const Simd< double > &psi, const SimdVector2D &x, double upar, Simd< double > &Ah, const SimdParticles &part, double &particle_weight)ScatterTemplates< DriftKin >inline
get_Ah(const Species< Device > &species, const Simulation< Device > &sml, const ElectricField< Device > &electric_field, const Grid< Device > &grid, const Simd< double > &phi, const Simd< int > &itr, const SimdGridVec &p, SimdGyroRadius< DriftKin > &rho, Simd< double > &Ah)ScatterTemplates< DriftKin >inline
scatter(const Charge< Device > &charge, const Species< Device > &species, int ithread, int node, const FieldWeights< DriftKin > &wts, double wp, double particle_weight, double upar)ScatterTemplates< DriftKin >inline
scatter_ptb_3db(const Charge< Device > &charge, const Species< Device > &species, int ithread, int itor, int node, double jpar_re_weight, double jpar_im_weight)ScatterTemplates< DriftKin >inline