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grid_class::gradparx2_cpp Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

subroutine gradparx2_cpp (nnode, ntriangle, nseg, sml_bt_sign, tr_fort, p_fort, dx_fort, bd_fort, grid_node, input_fort, output_fort)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

subroutine grid_class::gradparx2_cpp::gradparx2_cpp ( integer, intent(in)  nnode,
integer, intent(in)  ntriangle,
integer, intent(in)  nseg,
real(8), intent(in)  sml_bt_sign,
integer, dimension(:,:), intent(in)  tr_fort,
real(8), dimension(:,:,:), intent(in)  p_fort,
real(8), dimension(:,:), intent(in)  dx_fort,
type(range_type), dimension(:), intent(in)  bd_fort,
integer, dimension(:,:), intent(in)  grid_node,
real(8), dimension(:,:), intent(in)  input_fort,
real(8), dimension(:,:), intent(out)  output_fort 

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