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1 #ifndef DIAG_F0_DF_PORT1_HPP
2 #define DIAG_F0_DF_PORT1_HPP
5 #include "sml.hpp"
6 #include "magnetic_field.hpp"
7 #include "grid.hpp"
8 #include "plasma.hpp"
10 extern "C" void diag_f0_df_port1_grid(int idx, double* f0_f, double* f0_df0g);
11 extern "C" void diag_f0_df();
12 extern "C" int do_diag_f0_df();
14 namespace DiagF0df{
15 /* enum for particle diagnostics */
16 enum{
17  Volume=0,
22  N
23 };
25 /* Whether to add or subtract the particles */
26 enum Opt{
29 };
31 /* enum for grid diagnostics */
32 enum idx {
37  PELLET=5,
40 };
41 }
45  const VelocityGrid& vgrid, const DomainDecomposition<DeviceType>& pol_decomp, DiagF0df::Opt opt);
47 #endif
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:20
Definition: velocity_grid.hpp:8
Definition: sml.hpp:8
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:36
subroutine plasma(grid, itr, p, dene_out, deni_out, Te_out, Ti_out, Vparai_out)
Calculate the plasma density, temperature, and parallel velocity for a point in triangle itr using pl...
Definition: neutral_totalf.F90:1237
void diag_f0_df_port1_grid(int idx, double *f0_f, double *f0_df0g)
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:27
Definition: magnetic_field.hpp:12
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:26
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:37
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:19
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:34
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:18
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:32
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:35
void all_species_diag_f0_df_port1(const Simulation< DeviceType > &sml, const Grid< DeviceType > &grid, const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, Plasma &plasma, const VelocityGrid &vgrid, const DomainDecomposition< DeviceType > &pol_decomp, DiagF0df::Opt opt)
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.cpp:98
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:28
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:38
subroutine diag_f0_df(istep, grid)
Outputs density, momentum and enery change due to sources (collision, neutrals, etc.) Currently, each source step is written out even if a source is not active. It would be possible to skip the output for inactive source routines to reduce the size of output files.
Definition: diagnosis.F90:3373
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:21
Definition: magnetic_field.F90:1
Definition: plasma.hpp:14
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:22
int do_diag_f0_df()
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:17
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:33
Definition: diag_f0_df_port1.hpp:39