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diag_f0_df_port1.hpp File Reference
#include "domain_decomposition.hpp"
#include "sml.hpp"
#include "magnetic_field.hpp"
#include "grid.hpp"
#include "plasma.hpp"
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enum  {
  DiagF0df::Volume =0, DiagF0df::Density, DiagF0df::DensityChange, DiagF0df::EnergyChange,
  DiagF0df::MomentumChange, DiagF0df::N
enum  DiagF0df::Opt { DiagF0df::PtlInitial =0, DiagF0df::PtlFinal }
enum  DiagF0df::idx {
  DiagF0df::DIFFUSION =1, DiagF0df::COLLISION =2, DiagF0df::HEAT_TORQUE =3, DiagF0df::NEUTRAL =4,
  DiagF0df::PELLET =5, DiagF0df::RADIATION =6, DiagF0df::PTL_FINAL =7


void diag_f0_df_port1_grid (int idx, double *f0_f, double *f0_df0g)
void diag_f0_df ()
int do_diag_f0_df ()
void all_species_diag_f0_df_port1 (const Simulation< DeviceType > &sml, const Grid< DeviceType > &grid, const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, Plasma &plasma, const VelocityGrid &vgrid, const DomainDecomposition< DeviceType > &pol_decomp, DiagF0df::Opt opt)

Function Documentation

void all_species_diag_f0_df_port1 ( const Simulation< DeviceType > &  sml,
const Grid< DeviceType > &  grid,
const MagneticField< DeviceType > &  magnetic_field,
Plasma plasma,
const VelocityGrid vgrid,
const DomainDecomposition< DeviceType > &  pol_decomp,
DiagF0df::Opt  opt 

Loops over all non-adiabatic species and adjusts particle weight to distribute f0g distribution function to particles

[in]smlcontains simulation control parameters
[in]gridis the spatial grid
[in]magnetic_fieldis the magnetic field
[in]plasmacontains all species info
[in]vgridcontains the velocity grid dimensions
[in]pol_decompcontains poloidal decomposition info
[in]pseudo_inv_dmis the pseudo-inverse mesh object
[in]pseudo_invis the pseudo-inverse object (contains pseudo-inverse arrays)

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void diag_f0_df ( )
void diag_f0_df_port1_grid ( int  idx,
double *  f0_f,
double *  f0_df0g 

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int do_diag_f0_df ( )

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