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GyroAverageMatrices< Device > Member List

This is the complete list of members for GyroAverageMatrices< Device >, including all inherited members.

GyroAverageMatrices()GyroAverageMatrices< Device >inline
GyroAverageMatrices(const Grid< DeviceType > &grid, const DomainDecomposition< DeviceType > &pol_decomp, const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, bool is_field_following, int n_larmor_pts, int nrho_in, double rhomax_in)GyroAverageMatrices< Device >
init_one_gyro_avg_mat(const Grid< DeviceType > &grid, const MagneticField< DeviceType > &magnetic_field, Matrix< Device > &matrix, int iphi, int irho, bool is_field_following, int n_larmor_pts)GyroAverageMatrices< Device >
inv_drhoGyroAverageMatrices< Device >
matricesGyroAverageMatrices< Device >
mirror() const GyroAverageMatrices< Device >inline
nrhoGyroAverageMatrices< Device >
operator[](int i) const GyroAverageMatrices< Device >inline
operator[](int i)GyroAverageMatrices< Device >inline
rhomaxGyroAverageMatrices< Device >